Why do you ride?

Nov 21, 2019 | Redline Chopper School

Crazy topic for a blog? Dangerous topic no doubt, but here’s the scoop. I never cease to be amazed at the number of bikes for sale in Cycle Trader. And most bikes for sale seem to have real low mileage. OK, so financial reasons may force some sales – that’s understandable. But how about the rest?

OK, rather than heap scorn on folks for some of the ridiculous reasons they bought a bike because they thought it would be cool, and they ended up bored or disillusioned, let me just put in my two cents and I’ll move on.

I like to ride in the early morning before I go to work on weekdays, or the early morning on weekends. I head straight out into the country away from traffic and through farm fields and clean air. I don’t like to ride after work that much because I’m tired then and don’t enjoy it as much.

While I ride, I don’t think.

I don’t think about bills I have to pay or whoever has been pissing me off lately.

I just don’t waste emotional energy thinking about stuff while I am riding. ( Indian Larry liked to talk about riding like that…. by the way. It’s not as “hokey” as you might think.)

I just experience the wind in my face for 30 miles in the country – and it delivers a ton of peace to my war-weary soul. It’s a mini vacation almost every time I ride. It’s a real high. Need I say more? My bike won’t be in cycle trader any time soon.

Bored with riding sometimes? Try riding in the early morning before you are all tired out and pissed off with all the hassles you had to deal with that day. Hit the country roads and you won’t have to wonder why you bought your scooter.

One of my students rides all the time in the early morning in North Carolina before the day gets hot. He swears by it. So, I’m not alone.

Yeah, I do ride after work sometimes, but it’s hit or miss as to how much I get out of it if I am real tired. Try the early morning thing. Ya just might like it.

Enough said.

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