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Chuck has been teaching chopper building, engine building, and TIG welding for over 15 years.

Your Teacher Chuck Sheridan

Chuck has been teaching how to build a chopper, engine building, and TIG welding for over 17 years. In that time guys have flown in from around the world for these intensive workshops – from Canada, England, France, Kuwait, New Zealand, and Australia.

Besides experience with building custom motorcycles for customers, his training has included the Engine Building and Fuel Injection workshops at S&S cycle, which qualified his shop to be an S&S Cycle “Sidewinder Engine Center”.

 Additional schooling included special training in Detroit at a Harley engine building workshop taught by an engineer who works with the Harley Davidson Research and Development Department in Milwaukee.

Contributions to workshop contents were also made by a factory-trained master mechanic who started with Harley Davidson in 1979, and had 10 years experience as a working service manager at a Harley Davidson dealer near Columbus, Ohio. (Glen Jordan Motorsports)

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About Redline Chopper School

It would take you years on the street or endless trial and error to learn the information taught in these workshops.

Chuck also has about 9 years of full time experience as a pipeline welder in Texas and Louisiana at the oil refineries of Shell, Exxon, Arco, Amoco, International paper – as well as Hak Pipelines in Holland (Europe). He has plenty of TIG welding experience in mild steel, chrome, stainless and aluminum.

His TIG welding experience will help jump-start students with tricks you won’t learn in welding school. His original training was at Hobart School of Welding in Troy, Ohio. He also did the 4 year college thing too. A whole other story.

The bike building “war stories” he has acquired through the years are what he feels will help students the most – not just bolting a bike together. Even more important, is the ability to teach and simplify information that other people make too complex.

Chuck has been wrenching and riding for 40 years. He started riding at 16 with a 2 cylinder 250cc two-stroke kick-start bike that he rode through the entire winter. Talk about oil that was like molassas in the morning! But it still kicked over!

As of the December 2015, Chuck completed a 3 year project in writing 28 chapters of motorcycle mechanics instructional materials.

This is basically a brand new motorcycle mechanics textbook available for you to buy at the workshops.

Much of the development of this technical information required extensive technical research, because current motorcycle mechanics instructional textbooks are typically very vague and incomplete – especially in the area of motorcycle troubleshooting.

Most motorcycle books “tell you what to do”, but they don’t “SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT!”.

There is a HUGE difference in these two approaches to teaching. In addition, most motorcycle books are endlessly vague and too generalized to be of much value.

Our goal is to produce detailed and comprehensive instruction in motorcycle mechanics – information that is relevant and practical.

The following are a few titles of detailed and comprehensive chapters Chuck has written:

  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Electrical Theory
  • Charging Systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • Ignition Systems & Starting Systems
  • Comprehensive General Troubleshooting Procedures
  • Electrical Troubleshooting – Voltage Drop Testing
  • Troubleshooting the Starting System
  • Troubleshooting The Ignition System
  • Troubleshooting The Charging System
  • Engine Overhaul

Needless to say, a lot of college, and many years in a highly technical profession helped with the technical writing and analytical skills required to produce this kind of high quality technical writing. (It is a “bear”, and extremely time consuming to produce technical materials at this high level of quality.)

These materials should be available through the online school in 2019.

Redline is a dealer for S&S cycle, Bikers Choice, Custom Chrome, Midwest Motorcycle Supply, MC advantages, Wire-Plus, Cycle Electric and others. Rock bottom pricing available to students.

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