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We offer a one day class of INTENSIVE TIG WELDING INSTRUCTION to any student who wants to sign up.

You will learn critical trade secrets and techniques from a journeyman professional welder that you will not learn in a typical welding school! Jump start your TIG skills and sign up for the course now! With intensive one-on-one instruction, we take you to an intermediate level of TIG welding skills in one day. This is no joke.

Most students are able to weld in the overhead position after 6 hours of intensive instruction. In other words, the average student is able to weld in the horizontal, vertical and overhead welding positions during the first 6 hours of training....and do it good.

We do not require you to have any prior welding experience of any kind. In fact, prior welding experience with another process such as Stick or MIG will not help you to learn TIG welding anyway. So, if you have no experience with any kind of welding, don't sweat it - just come as you are.

Please note that our specialty in this school is teaching. We have learned first hand that just because someone can weld or build bikes - this does not mean that they are good at TEACHING welding or bike building. If you come to our school, we'll tell you some of the "war stories" of what happens in the "custom bike industry" when people try to have "schools" but they just don't have good teaching skills.

The total cost of the 1 day TIG class is $295.

( NOTE: About $100 of the cost of this class goes to pay the expenses of Argon gas, tungstons, welding wire, 220 electricity, lots of steel, labor for cutting steel and labor for grinding steel to get it ready for students to weld.)

We have one Miller Synchrowave 250DX TIG/Stick welding machine and one Miller 200 amp TIG machine! We can teach two students at a time.

You can TACK ON this extra day of TIG instruction to our workshops.  You can take the instruction THE DAY BEFORE the 2 day Engine Workshop begins, or, you can take the instruction THE DAY AFTER the 3 day Chopper Workshop ends.

IMPORTANT!!  In order to tack on this third day of TIG instruction onto your workshops, YOU MUST BE ONE OF THE FIRST TWO STUDENTS TO SIGN UP! The day BEFORE the Engine workshop is available for two students, and the day AFTER the Chopper Workshop is available for two students.

The day before the Engine workshop would be a Monday. The day after the Chopper workshop ends would be sometime Saturday if the Chopper workshop ends early, or it will be all day Sunday.

Call us if you have any questions about this!!


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