Learn how to build a chopper and engine building at our workshops and get the ADVANCED building skills you need to build a chopper, bobber or an engine - including engine overhaul.

Get hands-on experience as we teach you how to build a chopper, and hand over to you all of the jealously guarded secrets of the custom bike industry!

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Chopper Building Workshop- 2 Days
Engine Building Workshop - 2 Days
TIG Welding Workshop
- 1 Day

Sign up for an extra day of TIG welding instruction and learn from a professional journeyman welder. Learn the welding skills you need to attach brackets, bungs, and fender supports!

If you want to lea
rn Harley Evolution Engine Building, as well as how to build a chopper, and acquire MANY YEARS of EXPERIENCE and trade secrets from real industry professionals,

then sign up for our Engine Building and Chopper Building Workshops.

We include the seminar information from S&S Cycle engine building workshops, and Harley PHD training materials we have been able to acquire from the factory.

For 14 years we have been teaching hands-on Master Classes in Harley engine overhaul and engine building, Harley troubleshooting and repair, and ground-up custom Harley motorcycle building.

A notebook of technical information is provided with each workshop.

We take you from the beginner stage to a professional level of knowledge in a hurry because we go through the tedious labor of teaching you step by step and part by part.

We don't skip steps, we don't skip parts, and we don't skip important motorcycle theory. 

The engine building workshop includes overhaul procedures, precision technical measurements, and coverage of factory service wear limits on all critical parts.

We don't just "tell you" what to do, we "show you" how to do it. When you watch mechanical procedures being performed right in front of you, it takes all of the mystery out of the mechanics.

When you see procedures performed, and also do it yourself hands-on, you are basically getting about one year of professional level motorcyle mechanics training.

These are intensive workshops that cover a massive amount of theory and technical training.


Our build a chopper workshops take you from beginning chopper and engine building to a professional level of knowledge quickly because we teach you how to solve advanced problems!
It would take you years to get this knowledge on the street - if you could even get the knowledge at all!

We give you all of the knowledge and confidence you need to successfully build a chopper, bobber, or a Harley Engine without anxiety or constant fear!!



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